When three Georgia Tech students hacked into the fast-growing Yo app on Thursday, they proved hacking can be quite as simple as the app itself.

"Thursday night I’ve received a text message from an unknown number, asking “Is this the founder of Yo?” wrote Yo founder Or Arbel in a blog post. "I responded Yes and immediately got blasted by Yos, followed by an alert that popped in my app saying YoBeenHacked."

However, Arbel actual spoke with the hacker and was able to find out what the problem was: the "database had an open access from the app itself, a fact that allowed any malicious party to read the user information."

And it seems that Arbel was so impressed with the hackers' skills, he offered one of them a job working for Yo. "One of them is actually now working with us on improving Yo experience in other aspects as well," he wrote.

According to CBS News, Yo has gained more than 150,000 users ever since it launched a few months ago on April Fool's Day. The app's function is quite simple: it allows users to send Yos to other users with a single tap.

 "Yo is a very generic word that can mean anything," Arbel told CBS News.