Two words. Nine letters. F-R-E-E M-O-N-E-Y.

To give students an opportunity for assistance in their costly college expenses, the government reimburses students with financial aid. But sadly, a large number of students fail to apply accordingly and receive this beneficial opportunity.

As reported by U.S. News & World Report, community college faculty and experts in financial aid have proposed five common errors most students make:

1. Given an extended amount of time to apply, most students procrastinate the application process.

2. Students are unaware of financial aid, or they believe they will not meet the qualifications. Therefore, they restrict themselves from applying.

3. Students are oblivious to scholarships.

4. Students tend to borrow more money than what they actually need and are unable to pay it back. 

5. Students load too much on their plate. In order to receive financial aid, one must be only a part-time student; full-time attendance is not necessary. Students usually end up dropping their courses, which can compromise their future aid.

So students, pay careful attention to opportunities that cost nothing. And just a reminder: the FAFSA application window opens Jan. 1 every year. Take advantage of it!