Coconut oil is a miracle worker that has countless methods of utilization, ranging from cooking to healthier-looking skin, and it doesn't even cost a lot! I like to get mine from Trader Joe's (specifically the Organic Virgin Coconut Oil 16-ounce jar), which only costs $5.99.

Be sure to keep this resource handy in your cabinet, and you’ll be surprised with what it can do for you this summer!

1. Cooking. Trying to avoid the freshman 15 or lose weight before school starts? Skip the butter and oil when preparing a meal, and instead add a tablespoon or two of coconut oil for the same result. It tastes just as good, but it’s healthier! Read up on some cooking ideas.

2. Popcorn has never tasted better! The next time you want to snack while catching up on summer shows such as "Orange is the New Black," drizzle some coconut oil over your popcorn instead of drenching it with fatty butter. Add a pinch of salt. Now you have a snack that is a little salty and a little sweet.

3. Repair damaged hair. When we spend too much time in the sun, ocean or pool, we can slowly start to damage our hair. So, massage your scalp with a generous amount of coconut oil, and leave it in for about an hour. Rinse thoroughly, and repeat about once a week. More instructions here.

4. Tanning. Wanna get a glorious glow this summer? Skip the tanning oil, and switch to coconut oil. Evenly rub it on your body—it's a natural source that will have your skin glowing.

5. Soothe your sunburn. If you want to soothe the sunburn that has you looking like a ripe tomato, use coconut oil for burn relief. It will moisturize your skin and calm the burning sensation. Find out more, and learn about other home remedies here.

6. Reduce the itch of mosquito bites. So you went camping and now you have a bunch of bug bites? Rubbing coconut oil will help reduce irritation.

7. Reduce dry skin. If the sun makes your elbows and knees unattractively dry during the summer, coconut oil can fix that. Rub it daily on dry areas to result in smoother and revived skin.

8. Stretch marks no more. Tired of unwanted marks that show up when you wear your bikini? Rub coconut oil daily, multiple times, in needed areas to reduce the look of disturbing stretch marks.

9. Prevent bad B.O. Let's face it. It's summer, it's hot, which means we sweat. And for many of us, sweating causes an embarrassing, funky odor. Smell good by rubbing coconut oil on your underarms to help minimize the horrible stench of sweat. But please—still apply deodorant!

10. Boost your metabolism and amp up your energy. For those determined to get in better shape this summer, studies show adding coconut oil to your daily diet allows for the unique fatty acids to digest rapidly, resulting in an increase in metabolic rate and energy level (just ask Dr. Oz).

11. Use as a lubricant. And lastly, for those looking for a steamy, hot, summer sex session, turn to coconut oil. It creates a more natural and pleasurable experience without chemicals. Read what doctors had to say about it here.