Need help paying for college? Then we suggest filling out a FAFSA form, applying for grants and financial aid, looking for scholarships or getting a part-time job—because the "mom and dad" bank might be closed for some of you.

A Discover Student Loans survey found that although a majority (77 percent) of parents are planning on helping out with college costs this year, that number has decreased from 81 percent last year (via Fox Business).

What's more, this year 15 percent of parents are letting their children pay for tuition (up 3 percent from 2012), and 32 percent think students should pay for most of their schooling, another increase.

President of Discover Student Loans told Fox Business, "Your kids have dreams and aspirations, and it’s hard to strike a balance between being economically smart and letting them pursue their dreams. We try to strongly encourage how important it is to sit down early in the process to help people understand the financial implications of attending a certain college."