Don't think for one second that sexting is a "flirty" activity prevalent only among older teens or those in their 20s and older—the young tweens are down with it too. Twenty percent of students who text say they have received a sext, and 5 percent claim they've sent one.

And not only are they down with sexting, but the ones who do sext are more likely to be sexually active.

According to a recent USC study, tweens (in this case, a sample of middle school students between the ages of 10 and 15) who sent sexts were almost four times as likely to report being sexually active.

Due to these results, researchers are claiming more research is needed to examine the relationship between technology use and sexual behavior among young teens.

“Our results show that excessive, unlimited or unmonitored texting seems to enable sexting,” said Eric Rice, the author of the study. "The sexting conversation should occur as soon as the child acquires a cell phone."

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