For those of you entering college this fall, you will come to learn that there is more to college life than preparing for the next exam or internship interview. Real talk: you need to prepare your liver for nights you probably won’t remember and for the mornings you will most likely skip class because that last cup of beer during beer pong rubbed you the wrong way.

Take this advice, and you might be able to make it to your 8 a.m. class.

1. Fill up that tummy. Before heading out to the hottest frat party on the row to get shwasted, slip something in your mouth, and your stomach will appreciate it. Eating on an empty stomach will get you intoxicated faster than you expect. Since there is nothing there to absorb the alcohol, one shot might have you feeling loose.

2. One, two, four. Keep count of your drinks, and know what you can handle. The last thing anyone wants is to be puking in the front lawn of a frat house as everyone cheers you on, “Yeah! Let it all out!” (trust me, I know). You probably will forget to keep count anyway, but take your drinks based on how you feel and listen to your body.

3. Sip slowly. If you want to feel a good buzz that makes you happy and lively, then be sure not to down multiple shots at once. Mix alcohol with a preferred chaser, and take your time for a long-lasting effect.

However, there is one exception where you should drink fast: the keg. If you’re upside down with a beer keg, you better drink for your life. Drink like that 8 a.m. class doesn't exist because the keg is one epic college must-do.

4. Raise your glass. Lastly, it is extremely crucial that you make a toast to every shot. Be original, and make it fun. Toast to someone or something new before your glass bottom goes up. By the end of the night, everyone will be your friend.