Guys, do you ever feel like you're in deep trouble with your girlfriend (or the girl you’re casually dating), but you can’t tell for sure? Unless she is naturally monotone and always unenthusiastic, turn to her text messages to figure out whether you should be worried or not.

Some of us women might not always say what's on our minds, but sometimes our anger slips into our texts...

1. Short responses. A one-word answer is not a good sign. If conversation normally flows with you two over text and all of a sudden you notice a change, be scared. Most females dislike it when they receive brief and short responses, so if they send you one- or two-word reply, you know something is not right.??

2. The “k” instead of “kk.” This sounds a bit stupid, but yet it is very true. The single letter “k” response in a text translates to “You're annoying me” or something similar. In contrast, “kk” is a more pleasant response that indicates “sounds good!” or “okay, great!” Know the difference.??

3. Periods. These are dangerous. If you’re receiving periods at the end of every single sentence, boy is she fed up! This simple punctuation mark can go a long way and demonstrate fury like no other. ??

4. No emojis. Many girls love using smiley faces in texts. The cute one blowing a kiss tends to be at the top of the list, especially when they’re communicating with someone they love. Smiley faces indicate good moods and if your girl is all of a sudden avoiding emojis, you should beware.  ??

5. She takes too long to respond. If you’re texting her, and she takes up to hours to respond, there might be a serious issue. If it takes her longer than a day to get back to you, it's time to head over to her house with that box of Ferrero Rocher and maybe a few roses. Sure, she may be occupied cannot respond in a timely fashion...but you've been waiting a couple of hours or even the next day? Not a good sign—something's up.