How cute are those little emojis we use in text messages to accurately express our feelings and moods (insert laughing emoji here)? It seems as if emojis give life to our conversations. In the party mood? Insert the beer emoji. In love? Insert the smiley face with hearts as eyes.

For all you emoji fanatics, you’ll be pleased to hear that a new app and social network that uses only emojis will be here soon called Emojli (via Cosmopolitan). Apple is even allowing users to navigate the website and reserve an emoji username—let the battle for the best emoji begin!

As the Independent noted, Emojli does seriously remind us of Yo, an app that only allows you to send the word "Yo" to different people to convey a message (no emojis, photos or other words). With Emojli, users will be doing the same thing except they'll be able to send hundreds of different characters to convey a message, mood, feeling, emotion, etc.

Ok, so this app might sound stupid and useless to some, but we think Emojli could potentially become a huge hit, especially within the millennial demographic.

How many people find themselves sometimes diverting from words and turning to emojis in their text messages? We're guessing quite a lot. Although some may argue that the app will "dumb us down" (and they might be right), it's evident that people like to use fewer characters as possible to send a message.

There's Twitter, which only allows you 140 characters. Yo is just, well, "yo." And how often do we hear people #complain #about #too #many #hastags? Emojli is arriving in a day and age where social media users like to get straight to the point.

We're predicting mass Emojli addiction will ensue when this thing launches.

Check out the promo video on the left!