The Baruch College students who were allegedly involved in the hazing and death of 19-year-old Chun “Michael” Deng are now facing hazing and homicide charges, a lawyer representing the victim’s family told ABC News.

Attorney Douglas Fierberg also said that “[the police] have ruled that it is a homicide, and that now the only thing left is for the charges to be filed.”

In December 2013, the college’s Pi Delta Psi fraternity took a retreat in the Poconos, where they blindfolded the pledges and made them wear backpacks filled with 20 pounds of sand during a hazing ritual called the “glass ceiling.” Fraternity members reportedly shoved Deng, and he fell over, hitting his head.

Instead of taking the unconscious student straight to the hospital, the fraternity members panicked and took him back to the house, put him near a fire, changed his clothes and used the Internet to try to figure out ways to save him.

Police told ABC News, “After two hours, Deng was finally taken to a local hospital by three of his fraternity members, where he died two days later.”

“There shouldn’t have been any delay,” said Fierberg. “And yet there was and afterward there was a cover-up.”

One of the members who was at the hospital with Deng called the fraternity and warned the boys of the police interrogation, which is when the fraternity brothers attempted to cover up their tracks by hiding their cell phones that contained videos, photos and conversations of the hazing rituals.

The Pi Delta Psi fraternity has a lifetime ban at Baruch College.