3 Abandoned Places We Highly Recommend—But Only for the Adventurous!
(Credit: Zoe Davidow Rock-A-Hoola Waterpark)

Looking to explore a creepy place or have an adrenaline-filled afternoon or night out with your friends? Then check out these abandoned places near Los Angeles!

The Old Zoo: Before the Los Angeles Zoo moved to its current location in the ‘60s, the old zoo was criticized for having cages too small for animals in Griffith Park. Instead of tearing it down, the cages were left there to remain as ruins, and a picnic area was built around it. Today, there are hiking trails for opportunities to look at the cages. Complete with tables, a grassy field, BBQ grills and those creepy, abandoned animal cages, the Old Zoo is the perfect adventurous picnic spot and hiking trail. It’s located on Griffith Park Drive, Los Angeles, Calif. 90027.

Murphy’s Ranch (an Abandoned Nazi Camp): I already know what you’re thinking: There’s a Nazi camp in the U.S?! Um, why…? Well, in the ‘30s, a German named Herr Schmidt convinced Winona and Norman Stephens that eventually the Nazis would take over America, so they built a refuge to live in while waiting for America to fall to the Nazis and the Third Reich to take over. Unfortunately for them, U.S. authorities shut the ranch down after Pearl Harbor. The only remains of their community are a powerhouse, a machine shed, a garden and a few hundred steps. This abandoned area has an amazing view of L.A. and a wonderful history behind it. Obviously, the whole place is covered in graffiti, which makes for great photo shoot opportunities. It’s open to all hikers. The trailhead address is Capri Drive & Casale Road in Pacific Palisades, Calif. 90272.

Rock-A-Hoola Waterpark: This water park in the Mojave Desert closed in 2004. It was destined to fail when one of their employees used one of the slides after closing hours and became a paraplegic, because the catch pool didn’t have enough water in it. After being handed down to three different owners and struggling for six years, the park closed for good. Abandoned slides and pools make for the perfect hangout spot, and the graffiti littered all over abandoned signs are the perfect backdrop to any photo. Rock-A-Hoola is located on Lake Dolores, in Newberry Springs, east of Barstow on Interstate 15.