School's out, and summer is in motion. Going on Euro-trips, Vegas trips, to the beach, the pool and parties may be what most of you have on your agenda this break. However, no summer is complete without a sultry romance.

Whether it's just a fling or a potential LTR, make your summer relationship hot by following these five tips listed below. We all know girls love it when you show attention and affection, and these pieces of advice will have her swooning.

1. Kiss her forehead. You might be skilled in tongue-to-tongue action, but what most guys fail to realize is the power of kissing their girl on the forehead. This kind of affection is usually rare among young people, but it gives women a feeling of adoration and respect. The kiss on the forehead goes beyond a physical gesture; it provides an emotional sense of comfort. As Marilyn Monroe once said, “The real lover is the man who can thrill you by kissing your forehead or smiling into your eyes or just staring into space.”

2. Play with her hair. Seriously boys, this makes a girl melt. Gently stroking a girl’s hair gives her a chilling sensation like no other. So, rest her head in your lap, massage her hair, and watch her eyes slowly fall back. You can even multitask while you're doing this! If you want the key to a girl’s heart, you just found it.

3. Hold her hand. Whether it's during barefoot walks on the beach or dinner with your group of friends, be sure to hold her hand. Doing so makes us feel protected, and we girls absolutely like that. You don't need to hold her hand every second of every day, but a girl truly enjoys it every now and then. And remember, interlocking the fingers is the correct way to hold hands.

4. Take photos with her. We tend to see most females asking to take Instagram-worthy photos, but we don't often see guys taking the initiative to snap pictures with the girl they like. Pull out your iPhone or your Galaxy and strike a pose: kissy faces or funny faces, it doesn’t matter. Taking pictures together shows that you care enough to create memories through photos. And if you post them on social media, kudos to you! This tells her you're proud to call her your "girl," and you don't care who knows.

5. Tickle her. Getting a girl to laugh and giggle is always a major plus. Grab her, lock her down and tickle her till her eyes start to tear up (just know when to stop. You don't want any "accidents" that might kill the mood).