Are you a Los Angeles resident looking for a summer job? Well, you just may be in luck thanks to Mr. Mayor.

Eric Garcetti has only been the city’s mayor for a year, but already he has been making some positive changes. One of the things he is currently doing is teaming up with Hire L.A.’s Youth, a program that began in 2005 to help the city’s youth find employment.

The program employs workers, aged 14 to 24, to work for government agencies and major corporations. These include Best Buy, AT&T and Metro. Workers earn $9 an hour, thanks to the companies as well as private donations. The program is already underway, and the first day of work for 10,000 L.A. youths was on Monday.

Also, young adults will learn some valuable job-seeking and financial skills. They will receive lessons on writing resumés, how to dress for work and budgeting their earnings. This is definitely a step in the right direction and gives young people better hope for the future. Hopefully, the program will continue to grow under Garcetti.

Hire L.A.’s Youth not only benefits these young Angelenos, but it also helps other programs targeted at young people, including programs that aim to keep parks open for activities and educational programs hosted over the summer.

Partners of the outreach include Citibank, the Walt Disney Company and The Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce.

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