Every girl loves to look like they just came back from the beach. The idea is so romantic: sun-kissed skin, wavy hair and the slight smell of the ocean still lingering on your skin. But in reality, we’re usually left with crab red sunburns, seaweed in our hair and sand in places it really shouldn’t be.

So, how do you get that Venice Beach, surfer babe look without actually having to go to the beach? You could make a messy (and likely unsuccessful) attempt to recreate an ocean water spray in your kitchen. OR, you could reach for a tube of Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe Texturizing Hair Cream.

Here’s my pro/con list for this wave-making product.

•    Infused with Sea Kelp Extract, creating a sweet ocean smell
•    Quick and easy to use
•    Perfectly recreates the beach hair look
•    Matte finish keeps hair from looking fake or oily

•    Too much product can leave hair feeling crunchy

The best way to incorporate this product into your daily routine: After you’ve showered and towel-dried your hair, rub about a large pea-size worth of product between your hands (Careful! Too much product won’t make you look extra beachy. It’ll only make your hair hard and crunchy). Scrunch, tousle, and finger comb your hair, creating waves, texture and body. Once you’ve got the look you want, let your hair air dry naturally, or you can lightly blow dry it using a diffuser for a little extra "oomph!"

Pro-tip: Don’t go to bed immediately after using this, unless you plan on blow-drying. Allow your hair time to dry and set, otherwise you’ll wake up with mess of pillow squashed hair.

NYM’s Beach Babe Cream has become a must-have in my beauty collection. If I know I’ve got a crazy morning coming or I’m feeling like I might sleep in, I use this product post-shower the night before, and I always wake up with my hair ready to go. Who wouldn’t want to shave a few minutes off their morning routine?

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Rating: 9.7 out of 10

Lowest Price: $6.00

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