This is a <i>Sex Tape</i> You'll Want to Watch Over and Over...and Over Again
Jason Segel and Cameron Diaz star in Sony Picture's Sex Tape.
(Credit: Claire Folger)

Have you ever wondered what happens after the credits role on a tape featuring sexually deviant characters? As a more risqué romantic comedy that focuses on the ups and downs of a couple’s sex life after having children, Sex Tape answers this question. In the film, Jason Segel and Cameron Diaz reunite after their antics in Bad Teacher to create another rom-com with a twist.

Jay (Segel) and Annie's (Diaz) relationship started off as highly sexualized, but their attempts to carry on the passion while trying to juggle work and family life typically end up short. So, the couple tries to save their marriage and reignite their sexual flame by creating a sex tape. While the tape may have temporarily fixed things, it turns out that it actually might ruin the couple's reputation, to say the least. And that's when the wild ride begins.

When Jay and Annie realize that their private video has uploaded to the 'cloud' and synced with the iPads they had given to friends and family, they embark on a crazy journey to reclaim the video that tests not only the lengths they are willing to take, but also the strength of their relationship.

Once the couple commences on their iPad retrieval quest, you know you’re in for a comical treat. The scenes differ from awkward and almost uncomfortable encounters with their friends, to an unbelievable turn of events with Annie’s potential boss. All the while on their hectic adventure, they are trying to decipher who is messaging Jay with knowledge of their sex tape.

While there is some 'sexy' in Sex Tape, a large number of scenes that feature Jay and Annie partially naked are shot in a humorous way. Instead of being crude, the clever cuts and camera positioning establish a comical and ridiculous collection of scenes that portray the couple's sexploitations and show their relationship's development.

Surprisingly, since Sex Tape is a rom-com, this film is not without its more somber moments. Watching Jay and Annie’s interactions with their children, and their willingness to go above and beyond for them, cannot help but make you smile. Yes, these two have a wild side behind the bedroom door, but they are still good parents.

Being that Sex Tape's intention is to be over the top, we can overlook the unavoidable pitfalls regarding the plot holes. Though there are brief moments and elements that go unanswered, you are quickly swept back into the larger narrative, anticipating the next series of crazy events.

And with that, audiences can agree that Sex Tape may not be a literary masterpiece, but for a romantic comedy that aims to make you laugh, it gets the work done. Rather than trying to keep you in reality, it lets you sit in the passenger's seat on Jay and Annie’s hilarious ride. We doubt you won't hit the rewind button once this tape becomes a DVD.

Grade: B

Sex Tape releases in theaters Friday, July 18, 2014.

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