If you’re going away to college soon, chances are you're already thinking about what to pack. But before you begin compiling the list, here are some items you may need that haven’t crossed your mind, and others that you are better off leaving behind.

DO Pack Your Favorite Pillow
This may seem obvious, but there’s still a chance you may not have thought of it. Bringing it along ensures not only that you will have a good night’s sleep, but it can also help with homesickness. A pillow may bring you a sense of comfort when you are miles away from home and can help you adjust faster to your new dorm. Plus, finding the perfect pillow is hard.

DON’T Pack Books
If you are a book lover, this may be a hard pill to swallow but the truth is, packing books will only make your luggage heavier and waste space in your dorm. Also, the fact of the matter is that you will not have much time to read books for fun, as your class reading is sure to keep you busy. In this day and age, it is far more convenient to bring an eReader or tablet. Not only are e-books easier to store and carry around, but they are also cheaper. Tablets can be useful for class as well, such as for accessing textbooks or taking notes. This way, they serve a double purpose.

DO Pack an Umbrella
Sure, you can always just buy one on campus, but chances are you will forget until the day rain comes pouring down and you arrive to class soaking wet. And, just about every other student who also forgot to pack an umbrella will be trying to buy one from the student bookstore. By the time you get to the store, they may already be sold out or be way overpriced. So save yourself from possibly catching pneumonia, and just pack an umbrella.

DON'T Pack a TV
Unless you know the dorm doesn’t come with a TV or you have chosen to live in an apartment off campus, don’t bring a TV. Some dorms are equipped with a TV, as well as other appliances, so that you don’t have to worry about that. Also, some even come with cable, but you will have to call and check to see if that’s the case. In the rare occasion that a TV doesn’t come standard, or other appliances aren’t provided, talk with your roommate in advance to decide who will bring what. But even then, you will probably end up watching most shows on your computer or laptop, either through Netflix, Hulu or both.

DO Pack a Game Console
While a TV may be best left at home, a game console can be something you should consider bringing with you. For one, it can help you bond with your roommate or other people on your floor (just remember to bring extra controllers). On the other hand, it can help you distress after a brutal study session or a big test. Plan with your roommate over who should bring a PlayStation or Xbox, and what games to bring. Do consider the dorm rules, however. Also, some colleges provide a game room, but it is up to you if you’d rather hang out with friends in your dorm, which seems much more fun.

DON’T Pack Toiletries
Other than any medication you may be prescribed, you can buy most toiletries once you arrive to campus. Most campus bookstores carry what you need, such as shampoo and conditioner, first aid kits and other basic toiletries. You can also go to a local warehouse store to buy items in bulk. By buying toiletries once you arrive rather than packing, it will also be much easier for you to go through airport security if you are attending an out-of-state school. Also, by not having to worry about these items, you can focus on not forgetting things you won’t be able to buy once you’re on campus.

DO Pack Extra Underwear
This is the one exception to not packing too much clothes. At some point during your time in college, you will wake up one morning to take a shower, only to realize you are out of clean clothes, let alone clean underwear. For your sake then, pack a lot of underwear.
These tips will ease your worries about what to bring. Remember that less is more and that you can always buy the things you may have forgotten. You can always just have your parents send forgotten items.