Well, here's another class that might make you want to transfer schools just so you can enroll in it.

At the University of Virginia, associate professor of English Lisa Woolfork stresses the academic and educational purpose TV show “Game of Thrones” serves to students in understanding literature, reports UVA Today. The series has been in the media spotlight for quite some time now and has attracted a significant number of HBO viewers.

The four-week course, according to Woolfork, aims “to teach students how the skills that we use to study literature are very useful skills for reading literature and TV in conjunction.”

Taking the literary analysis of the show and book into consideration, students apparently can be exposed to superb elements utilized to tell the story and connect it to both mediums.

“I think it’s important to apply the same principles we do with literature to television and film, and that’s determined a lot of the English courses I’ve taken,” fourth-year English major Madlyn McAuliffe told the paper.

Each and every student participates in the classroom, eager to share their comments and ask their questions. Students are also assigned a group project that requires creating a new chapter to add to the storyline.

If this is what it takes for students to be more active in an academic setting while still learning the fundamentals of the course subject, then maybe more universities ought to spice up their curriculum a bit.