Chicago weather guy David Spritz (Nicolas Cage) gets paid a lot of money to work a couple easy hours a day, and he may be on the verge of getting paid even more to do even less on a national level. Yet with all that going for him, he still can’t find the time or will to keep his personal life from resembling a walking nightmare of marital estrangement (Hope Davis as the wife), familial disappointment (Michael Caine as the dad), and a not-so-adoring public that likes to throw things at him.

Paramount’s promotion for The Weather Man involved several commercials that highlighted this "throwing things" part, and you wouldn’t be a fool to be fooled into thinking you’re heading into a comedy. You’re not.

And even if you knew that, you still might be taken aback at just how bizarrely, carelessly morose the film really is. That doesn’t mean it’s bad – but that doesn’t mean it’s good, either. Your mileage will vary, perhaps wildly.

Extras: Five behind-the-scenes features.

Grade: C