When you're browsing through your Instagram news feed and pass by your favorite clothing brand's account and see a photo of a really cute sweater, don't you wish you can just click on a link that takes you straight to the web page where you can buy the sweater? Sadly, because of Instagram's no-link policy, that was once impossible.

However, Shopsy is making it quite possible.

According to Bostlnno, more than 70 brands are using this app because of its ability to let them link their Instagram photos of their products to their online stores. And we're talking big brands, including Kate Spade, Tobi and Jack Rogers.

The brain behind the app is recent college graduate Chris Quinn, from Boston College’s Carroll School of Management, who finished school less than two months ago. He and his childhood friend used to talk about the idea of the app in Panera Bread, and the two decided to go ahead with developing the startup, despite the fact Quinn still had a semester of college to finish.

Shopsy launched on July 1 in the App Store.

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