Ask any college female if they would leave the house every day without wearing makeup; we're positive a majority of them would say, "no." But if you ask soon-to-be junior Annie Garau at Indiana College, she'll tell you she has been makeup free for 200 days (via the Daily News).

The 20-year-old doesn't want to change herself to feel adequate, so she has vowed off makeup for an entire year, calling it "the BORN WITH IT beauty project."

Now, as many women can attest to, looking your best can be a daily struggle in a college atmosphere. With all of the numerous parties and social activities, women feel a pressure to look attractive, so they turn to makeup.

Garau wrote about her experience thus far for the Lexington Herald-Leader in Kentucky, where she interns: "I felt uncomfortable, undesirable and embarrassed when we went to these parties or when I saw myself in photos. I felt as if people were treating me differently."

According to the Daily News, "Good Morning America" visited the student to put makeup on her, showing audiences what she looks like with her face painted. She quickly took it off afterwards.

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