Hey 7-Up! Need a new jingle for your un-cola? You might want to give Phish a call and ask about using "Undermind" from their similarly named new effort. The song is a refreshing effervescence, a sort of mental palette cleanser that leads off Undermind with a quizzical roll-call lyric of all things "un:" undecided, undefined, undisturbed.

Having endured a long career of redefining music for the neo-hippie set, Phish has decided to call it quits while sending their fans on one last voyage. Guitarist Trey Anastasio drizzles a psychedelic sweat all over "A Song I Heard the Ocean Sing" until the song is thoroughly drenched in mind-bending juice before changing the pace with "Army of One" where Page McConnell’s organ playing creates a repentant, church-like feeling; a typical Phish-into-space-and-back roundtrip. And as if to leave their fans with a final head-shaker, the boys set down their instruments and perform "Grind" as a barbershop quartet. Unmatchable!

Grade: A