We've all had major accidents, but the worst kind of accident is one that affects another person. In actress Brit Marling's case, she almost screwed up a grad student's grade (via Contactmusic.com).

For the film I Origins, Marling portrays a biologist, so she traveled to John Hopkins University in Baltimore, Md. to learn more about biology. While learning how to splice DNA, a graduate student passed her his DNA slide, and she dropped it while passing it to actor Michael Pitt. The student had been working on this project for two years.

"I was looking at it through the microscope, and it was so beautiful I got really excited," Marling told Contactmusic. 

However, The East star made it up to the student.

"I was like, 'I'm basically your lab slave now' and I just spent the rest of the month pipetting saline solution to test tubes for him, helping him back out. It was a rough start," she said.