College classes aren’t easy, and the amount of information professors attempt to cram into one semester can be overwhelming. You can spend hours making flashcards based off your sloppy, hard-to-understand notes, or you can make your life a little easier by downloading these awesome apps to help you study and stay on task.

1. Benchprep: (iOS and Android)
This test prep app has every sample test from the LSAT to the MCAT. Instead of the boring, outdated prep books, BenchPrep utilizes games to keep you interested while you’re studying. This app also incorporates a weekly study plan to help you stay on task, and you can start discussions with thousands of other students studying for the same test. And lastly, BenchPrep reports your weaknesses to help you understand your score better and personalizes the course so you can focus on parts you feel require the most attention.

You can carry a 3-pound test prep book around with you all day, or you can have this easily accessible app in your phone. Instead of playing games on your phone, use this app to help you study every time you have time to kill.

2. StudyBlue: (iOS, Android and Web)
Making flashcards takes up way too much time, and keeping track of each card is too much of a hassle. StudyBlue not only allows you to create and customize your own flashcards with text, images and audio, but it also comes with multiple kinds of study techniques. From quizzes to review sheets, this app allows you to learn the way that works best for you and comes complete with an automatic self-assessment score and allows you to store and organize your notes, syllabus and study materials into one digital backpack.

The best part about StudyBlue is that it already has built-in study guides for almost every course from almost every school. From an anatomy class at Ohio State University to a Japanese language course at Seattle University, these study guides will save you time from making flashcards and allow you to focus on actually studying.

3. MathWay: (Web)
Unless memorizing formulas comes easily to you, we can all agree that math is basically the most difficult subject you’ll take in the four or more years of your college education. From basic math to finite math, MathWay will solve any and all your math problems.

Nothing is worse than being stuck on a math problem without being able to solve it. With MathWay, you can enter in a problem, click on evaluate, and the answer comes up complete with a step-by-step guide on how to solve the problem. This web app also includes already made worksheets for every subject to help you study, and a glossary for terms you don’t understand.

Instead of spending an hour attempting to solve one problem, use MathWay as your own easily accessible tutor. 

4. Wolfram Alpha: (iOS, Nook, Android, Kindle and Web)
This is more than just Google at your fingertips. Instead of searching thousands of untrustworthy links on Google, this reference and calculation app will give you the answer you need with expert-level knowledge.

According to its website, the company's goal is to use free form natural language input and dynamically computed results to provide a single source that can be relied on by everyone for definitive answers. This app also provides step-by-step solutions for almost every math or science formula.

With subjects from culture and media to money and finance, Wolfram Alpha has all the trustworthy answers to your factual questions.

5. DuoLingo: (iOS, Android and Web)
Learning a new language can be fun and helpful but way too difficult. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on Rosetta Stone, use DuoLingo to help you with that semester of foreign language you’re forced to take or that summer spent backpacking through Europe. DuoLingo teaches you how to read, write and talk in any language from Spanish to German with fun challenges. The app makes things interesting with points and lives.

With a little help from DuoLingo, acing your mandatory foreign language class will be no problem.

6. Snap2PDF: (iOS)
Textbooks are expensive and an absolute pain to carry around. Thankfully, there's Snap2PDF, which completely revolutionizes your hatred towards textbooks and documents.

Instead of paying $200 for a book your teacher requires you to read once, use this iPhone app to take a picture of any document or book and convert it to an easily accessible PDF in your phone. It also translates any documents in foreign languages.

So, put down your textbooks and binders, and use Snap2PDF to store all your class worksheets and syllabuses into your phone.

7. SelfControl: (Mac iOS)
Studying is actually almost impossible when you want to check Facebook or Twitter. Unless you lock yourself in a room without a computer and phone, chances are you’re going to waste an hour or two checking your social media accounts and playing games on your phone instead of writing that paper that’s due in a couple of hours. That’s when SelfControl comes in handy.

SelfControl blocks the websites that usually distract you from your homework for a certain amount of time, so you can actually study for that final that’s worth half your grade.

Dragon Dictation: (iOS)
You know that paper you wrote an hour before it was due? Your hands literally couldn’t move fast enough over the keyboard, and now they're store. Dragon Dictation was created specifically for that text, Tweet, status update, email and everything in between that you wish you could send just by talking into your phone.

This voice recognition app allows you to simply speak to send a text or jot down an idea. Dragon Dictation types out your words five times faster than you could on your keyboard and for a constantly busy college student, this app saves time we waste fixing typos our fingers made while fumbling over a keyboard.

9. EverNote: (iOS, Android, Windows, and Web)
Staying organized in college is truly a talent. Unless color-coded folders and small plastic drawers designated for every aspect of your life isn’t something you’re willing to live with, EverNote is the perfect personal organizer.

This mobile and web app keeps all your notes, web clips, files and images synced up with all your devices. It allows you to save anything you want in real life or online by taking a picture or recording it.

Instead of searching through your phone or computer looking for all the files and pictures you have on one subject, EverNote allows you to store all your information into one place, so everything is at your fingertips.

10. iStudiez Pro: (Mac, iPhone, iPad)
College doesn’t come with bells reminding you to go to class, and teachers aren’t constantly reminding you of upcoming tests and papers. Syllabuses are way more important in college than in high school. So yeah, the transition is difficult.

iStudiez Pro is that extra hand you need to remind you of your daily tasks. With smart summary, this app uses real time mode to track your schedule during the day and gives you an overview of the classes you need to attend.

The schedule planner and iCal integration helps you keep track of your courses, class details, instructors’ info, holidays, grades and extra curricular activities. This app also keeps track of your grades and GPA in percents, points or letters, and the assignments review feature helps you keep track of homework and assignments based on due date and priority. Notifications and badges will keep you from ever missing an assignment again. You can also synchronize your iStudiez Pro between all your devices using Cloud Sync.

iStudiez Pro is the holy grail of keeping track of all your classes, professors, grades and deadlines.