It's hard to accurately define the word "hipster."

When we think of "hipster," fashion, indie film and music, art and creativity come to mind, along with dark-rimmed glasses and mustaches. And if you turn to the always-handy Urban Dictionary, it will describe a "hipster" as a person who values "independent thinking, counter-culture, progressive politics, an appreciation of art and indie-rock, creativity, intelligence, and witty banter."

So, if you want to make your room fit for a "hipster" or "trendsetter," take a look at these dorm decorating ideas gathered from the web. Hang inspirational quotes that have a special meaning to you on the wall, or adorn your room with fashionable posters and accessories. Find items that have your favorite indie band's name on them, like T-shirts or stickers, and place them around your room. Have a movie poster of the last indie film you saw? Hang it up!

If you favor the arguably cliché aspects of "hipster" culture, there's plenty of quirky items featuring mustaches, eyeglasses and more you can find online.

Just remember one thing: being hip means being trendy, but it also means being an individual who doesn't always follow the mainstream. Make your room your own without adhering to other people's standards!

1. Pop Culture Reference Pillow Case, $19.99, CafePress

2. Fun(tache)tic Day Pillow Case, $19.99, CafePress

3. Kikkerland Mustache Clock, $9.99, Bed Bath & Beyond

4. Umbra Hangit Photo Display, $19.99, Bed Bath & Beyond

5. "Art Washes..." Word Art, $23.95-$46.95, Wall Written

Wesley Bird for DENY You Are Here Duvet Cover, $129-$169, Urban Outfitters

7. Fashion Canvas Art, $34.99 each, Bed Bath & Beyond

8. Marvelous Metamorphosis Wall Decor Set, $12.99, ModCloth

9. Shuteye to Eye Pillowcase Set, $29.99, ModCloth

10. Holmo Floor Lamp, $7.99, Ikea