This North Carolina trio creates acoustic material for those who don’t listen to folk. Brothers Scott and Seth and upright bassist Bob Crawford play instruments associated with bluegrass, country and folk, but their music isn’t nearly as pigeonholed.

Opener "Talk on Indolence" and Violent Femmes-like "Matrimony" prove high-energy rock can operate without electricity. But Four Thieves Gone is also layered with softer asides. "The Lowering" and "Famous Flower of Manhattan" have liquid tempos and rural back porch sentiments, with echoes of the Everly Brothers and John Prine.

Lyrics focus on post-adolescent issues as well as universal problems. "Talk on Indolence" has a resigned air, "I sink to the bottom/I rise to the top/And I think to myself that/I do this a lot." Broken romance ballad "Left on Laura, Left on Lisa" makes it clear that, "Men are just liars and thieves." Rollicking "Gimmeakiss" is a roguish romp about a self-promoting cad, "I know what they’re sayin’ ‘bout me/Hell, I started most of them rumors myself, you see."

Grade: B+