Once again, social media is proving its usefulness beyond selfies and #MakeupTransformations.

Instagram user Joe Gallo is attempting to raise money for his Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity brother, Bowling Green State University grad Bret Grund, who is fighting against Stage IV Glioma, a very serious cancer (via BroBible). Grund has a GoFundMe campaign page, asking people to donate aid to contribute to the "increasing medical expenses, significantly high cost of living, or simply to provide any bit of relief from the physical, mental, emotional stress of this situation."

"It started out as a joke ripping on 100 days of happiness and as bet between a few buddies," Gallo told Elite Daily. "Within the first few days of the challenge I had received news that my fraternity brother, Bret, was diagnosed with stage four glioma. My buddies created a GoFund page to help raise money for his medical bills."

The fundraiser raked in $10,000, and now Gallo and his brothers are aiming to bring in another $10,000. At the time of posting, the second fundraiser has raised $420.

To get the word out, Gallo is vowing to eat Chipotle for 100 days and document his journey on his Instagram page, using the hashtag #100daysforgrundfund. Check out his Instagram, and go to the GoFundMe page to donate to the cause.