Fat Wreck Chords has always had a knack for scoping out bands that represent true and honest punk rock. The label’s newest signing, the Loved Ones, only further exemplifies why people continue to look to Fat as a reliable and credible source for music.

The Philadelphia trio may be veterans of the music scene hailing from bands such as Kid Dynamite, the Curse and Paint it Black, but with Keep Your Heart, the band serves up a hardy dose of tunes that are crisp and compact. It’s more of a throwback to the music that was being released 10 years ago, which is part of the bands appeal.

The album opens with a powerful bang and holds a steady dynamic pace throughout. The singer’s raspy voice compliments the hard-hitting drums, and the songs, although simplistic and catchy, are punchy and intense at the same time. Soon enough, Fat Wreck Chords will have yet another success for its rosters.

Grade: A