Every now and then, college students find themselves in a bit of trouble, like getting caught with a fake ID, underage drinking, pulling a college prank, getting in a fight or being a public nuisance (hey, it happens to even the "good" students). And sometimes, they find themselves in a whole lot of trouble.

For those students who get in trouble and have no one to turn to, what do they do? If they don't have parents or anyone to give them legal advice, they're kind of screwed, which is why Jim and Bonnie Garaventi have created StudentDefend.

Boston Business Journal reports this couple came up with the idea after their child got into "trouble" while away at college. "We came to realize a lot of other students and parents find themselves in [that situation]," said Jim.

StudentDefend is a "fast and easy" way for students to connect with criminal defense attorneys through a toll-free number 24 hours, seven days a week. However, there's a catch: students or parents must pay a $89 annual fee.

But considering the dozens of ways students might get in trouble at college, perhaps it's a good investment?

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