Everyone hates a messy college roommate, especially if you're the kind of roommate who likes everything clean and organized.

And if you happen to be that messy roommate, we're sure you're used to (and tired of) seeing passive aggressive notes that read "Please clean the dishes" or "Pick up your clothes" all over your apartment or dorm. So, out of respect for your roomie, you do your best to pick up after yourself. After all, a clean room makes for a happy living situation.

However, perhaps there's good news for all you messy college students: a 2013 University of Minnesota study showed that a messy room provokes creative thinking (via Elite Daily). It looks like that urban legend is true.

"[T]he working world is abuzz about cultivating innovation and creativity, endeavors that our findings suggest might be hampered by the minimalist movement," psychological scientist Kathleen Voh told The New York Times. "While cleaning up certainly has its benefits, clean spaces might be too conventional to let inspiration flow."

So if you need to get your creative juices flowing, throw your clothes on the floor, and wash your dishes later! If your roommate complains, just direct him or her to this blog post; we got your back.