Teaming up with Spoon University, an online food publication and community for college students, popular food ordering site GrubHub analyzed college students' takeout habits, which mostly include pizza, fries, wings, soup and salad. They studied hundreds of colleges during the 2013-14 school year.

Here are the results that really aren't that surprising:

College Students Have More Late-Night Orders
Orders between 10 p.m. and 2 a.m. are twice as common with college kids. Let's take the wild guess that this is because students are more likely to stay up in the wee hours of the night studying for a BIO midterm.

Students Prefer Energy Drinks, Not Coffee
Coffee orders are 15 percent less common, but energy drinks are 83 percent more popular. Maybe because energy drinks are easier to drink, taste better, don't burn the roof of your mouth when you drink them too fast...

Students Don't Wake Up Early to Order Food
Early-morning orders between 6 a.m. and 9 a.m. are 66 percent less common among students...yeah, we doubt many college students sign up for classes that start anytime before 10 a.m., let alone 6 a.m.

But, there were quite a few surprising results we didn't expect:

Spicy Dishes Aren't that Popular Among Students...
We were pretty sure most college students were crazy over Hot Cheetos and sriracha, but students are actually 26 percent less likely to order spicy dishes.

...And Neither are Sweets
The fear of the freshman 15 must have a greater impact on students than we thought; sweets and desserts are ordered 18 percent less commonly by students.

But Then Again, They Don't Ask for Healthy Alternatives
Students request healthy substitutes 23 percent less commonly, which kind of disputes the whole "worried about the freshman 15" theory.

And lastly, here are GrubHub's 2014 College Rankings:

Campuses with the Most Late-Night Diners
1. Syracuse University
2. Michigan State University
3. University of Connecticut

Campuses with the Most Early-Morning Diners
1. Columbia University
2. Cornell University
3. Rush University Medical Center

The Most Health-Conscious Campuses
1. Georgetown University
2. University of Notre Dame
3. University of Tennessee

Schools with Most Ethnically Adventurous Eaters
1. Columbia College
2. NYU
3. School of the Art Institute Chicago

Campuses that Order the Most Meat
1. Fordham University
2. Lafayette College
3. University of the Sciences

Colleges with the Most Vegetarian Diners
1. Cornell University
2. Yale University
3. School of the Art Institute Chicago

Colleges with the Most Dessert Orders
1. Regis University
2. University of Texas
3. University of Tennessee

Campuses that Order the Most Spicy Foods
1. University of North Carolina
2. Occidental College
3. Emory University