Diplo is a familiar name and face at raves and music festivals across the country such as Las Vegas' Electric Daisy Carnival, HARD Summer in Los Angeles and Miami's Ultra Music Fest. But, does he really belong to today's rave culture? 

He doesn't seem to think so.

In an interview with Billboard, the DJ/music producer/songwriter said the rave culture is "overly reliant on drugs and formulaic sounds."

"They don’t even care about the music anymore," he said. "It’s about the experience and hearing things that are really familiar and comfortable over and over again."

Perhaps his point is valid. The number of rave-goers who rely on drugs and stimulants to have a unforgettable "experience" seems to outweigh the number of drug-free attendants who still have a good time by simply listening and dancing to the beats.

And speaking of the beats, our reporter who attended this year's EDC in Las Vegas described the rave's music as formulaic too.

"[...] By the half of the second night, all of the music just blurred together and sounded the same," wrote J. Shadé Quintanilla. "Although there were big-name DJs that were headlining, the music just sounded a little too mainstream and repetitive [...] EDC is definitely in need of more variety in the future."

Besides discussing rave culture, Diplo also talked about a Madonna collaboration, his "smaller-than-you’d-think salary" and hanging out with Katy Perry (the rumor is those two are dating). Oh, and he likes to chill out at the strip clubs in Vegas, where he has a weekly residency.

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