When you're at a college party, sometimes you put your drink down or you let someone else make one for you. True, this is something women should never do at a party, because someone could slip a date rape drug in their drinks. But, it does happen.

Well now, there's supposedly a new nail polish that will help prevent date rape. It's called Undercover Colors (via College Candy).

Elle reports this nail polish is being developed by undergrads at N.C. State University and that it changes color when you've been exposed to a date rape drug.

A spokesperson for Undercover Colors said, "We are early in the R&D stage for this important product."

And important it is.

Sexual assault and violence cases at campuses continue to grab national headlines, as more and more colleges are accused of mishandling these cases. Currently, there are at least 76 colleges being investigated by the federal government because of this very reason. And with the beginning of the new school year approaching (the fall semester has already started at some schools), incoming college women will find themselves vulnerable.

From the beginning of the school year (August or September) until about Thanksgiving, freshman women are the most vulnerable to sexual assaults. It's called the "Red Zone," and more than 50 percent of sexual assaults occur during this time period.

CSUN professor Dr. Marie Cartier told the university's paper last year that the date rape drug is a big issue with sexual assaults on college campuses.

"If you go to a college party it’s easy to get your drink drugged," she said. "For many women, college is the first time they get to explore their freedom. Unfortunately, many women get caught on the wrong side of being able to explore their freedom like innocently going to a party where someone slips the rape drug in their drink."