Busy schedules that include daytime and nighttime classes, internships, extracurricular activities and part-time jobs prevent many college students from watching some of their favorite TV shows. Although platforms such as Netflix and Hulu certainly help students catch up on their programs, there is now a new platform that will make watching live and on-demand TV much easier: Xfinity on Campus.

USA Today reports Xfinity on Campus launched last Thursday on campuses such as Lasell College, Bridgewater College, Emerson College, Drexel University and the University of Delaware. It comprises about 80 cable channels (including AMC, Bravo, Comedy Central, ESPN, FX and MTV) that students can access on their laptops, desktop computers and smartphones. And the best part about all of it? It's included in room and board costs for students who live on campus.

Megan Esperance, a student at the University of New Hampshire (UNH), told USA Today Xfinity on Campus "is awesome" because she watches "TV often. I probably spend, like, three hours or more watching TV and two hours with Netflix depending on the day of the week."

According to Market Watch, Xfinity on Campus will be coming to UNH and Massachusetts Institute of Technology this fall.

Drexel University student Seth Brown told USA Today, “I don’t watch cable much, [and] I’m not a big fan of Netflix either, but the feature that Comcast added on campus is great. I use the Xfinity live TV app more often."

He also added, "There’s no additional fees [and] students only need their university username and password to log into the service. It is convenient, easy to access and a smart strategy on Comcast’s part."

Market Watch also reports that Xfinity On Campus customers can upgrade to premium channels, like HBO, Starz, Showtime and more. Soon, they will also have the option to record and watch shows on their devices.

Since more millennials than ever are watching TV online through computers, tablets and smartphones, Xfinity on Campus can prove to be an extremely beneficial option for all students.

"With this younger generation, more and more viewing is happening away from the traditional TV set, and we have evolved our products and services to better engage them," Marcien Jenckes, Executive Vice President of Consumer Services for Comcast Cable, told Market Watch.