WATCH: Video Tells You Everything You Need Know About 'How to be a College Student'
Step 1: Figure out what kind of college student you want to be.
(Credit: YouTube)

Dear Incoming College Freshman,

Consider this video the first and most important lesson you will ever learn on "How to Be a College Student" (oh, and prepare to laugh your butt off!).

YouTube channel IFHT, which posts sketches, parodies and music videos, has created a funny and honest video that details the harsh realities about being a college student (via Huffington Post). From overindulging in coffee and spending too much money on textbooks, to finding the best places to hook up and avoiding those annoying people who love to pass out pamphlets, the video includes a total of 32 steps on being a college student.

Our personal favorite? Step 32: Congratulate your brain by destroying your liver. In other words, "work hard, but play harder." After all, college is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that goes by wayyyy too fast, so enjoy it while you (and your liver) can handle it!