The Los Angeles Times reports head football coach Steve Sarkisian said USC authorities are now handling the Josh Shaw situation.

"It’s pretty clear there’s quite a few conflicting stories out there. Any information that we’ve been provided up to this point we’ve pushed along to campus authorities," said Sarkisian. "We’re really going to let it play out in their hands. And quite honestly we’re in somewhat of a holding pattern so that’s where we’re at."

Shaw, a USC defensive back and team captain, has been trending nationally ever since reports about his heroic act of saving his drowning nephew surfaced Tuesday. He reportedly told Sarkisian that he saved the 7-year-old boy from drowning by jumping from a second-story balcony into the pool Saturday night in Palmdale. However, Shaw suffered ankle injuries from the "resue" and is now benched.

Later on Tuesday, Sarkisian revealed that he was getting several calls that questioned the validity of Shaw's heroic tale.

TMZ later reported that Shaw was named in a burglary report, although not as a suspect. Law enforcement reportedly told TMZ someone called the cops to report a suspicious person "shimmying" down the side of a building in downtown L.A.

When police questioned a woman who lived in the building and gave her a description of the suspicious person, the woman said, "Yes, that sounds like my boyfriend Josh Shaw."

However, Shaw reportedly told police he was never at the building.

USC defensive end Leonard Williams told The Times, "I would never expect him to make up a story or something like that. So if it's real or not ... I would never expect him as a captain to be in that situation.”

Meanwhile, USC linebacker Hayes Pullard said, "Josh has been a great guy. He has a great character and I've never known him to be able to lie about anything, so coming from what I know, Josh is 100 percent."

USC's opener is Saturday against Fresno State.