While you’re procrastinating from doing your homework by spending time on Reddit, Massachusetts Institute of Technology students are actually doing their homework by spending time on Reddit.

According to Business Insider, the MIT class CMS.400 Media Systems and Texts, aka “Credit for Reddit,” invites students to explore why the site works and compare it to other social media networks. The idea for the class came from the class’s co-instructor Chris Peterson’s own research on Reddit.

Peterson and his co-instructor Ed Schiappa, the head of MIT Comparative Media Studies/Writing, built the course’s curriculum by asking Reddit users, through a Reddit post, to help him come up with ideas for his class.

The course goes beyond Reddit to look at all social media research and methods.

“One of the things we try to do in this class is make sure people understand that the technology they use in their daily lives is rooted very deeply in important social issues,” Peterson told Motherboard.

Business Insider writer Rebecca Borison reported last spring that during the class, “students studied more specific ideas like cryptocurrency and Dogecoin, why Tinder is addictive and what sorts of headlines did best on Reddit.”

“If something is on the front page of Reddit, now it matters,” Peterson told Motherboard. “It tells you something about that community and what they find important.”

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