Mutemath is a New Orleans based band and it is not clear as to how much of this material, if any, was inspired by last year’s devastating hurricanes. But certainly many of the titles fit - "Without It," "Chaos" and especially "After We Have Left Our Homes."

The latter is a brief, basically instrumental song that clearly conveys "What can you say…" Musically, this quartet walks a tightrope between prog rock and early New Wave rockers like the Police. "Chaos" in particular is completely patterned after the Police with its bouncy, almost reggae bass line, insistent guitar chording and breathy, this-is-urgent vocal delivery from Paul Meany.

"Polite" is a jazzy instrumental showcase for drummer Darren King with lots of extra percussion and "Stare at the Sun" is a down-tempo dream that gives a nod to another batch of ’70s prog rockers, Manfred Mann. The disc ends with the Pink Floyd-like "Stall Out," something Mutemath is unlikely to do.