Football season is here, which means one thing for those of us who worship beer bongs and BBQs: it's also tailgating season!

Tailgating is, for some, the best part about football games. After all, what's more fun than drinking as early as 9 a.m. in preparation for a noon game with friends, family and other diehard football fans?

According to The Daily Meal, there are a few colleges that know how to throw a damn good tailgate. To figure out the best tailgating colleges, they took to social media, asking fans and followers of 70 college teams to vote in a 10-question survey. A look into schools' traditions was necessary as well, along with colleges' tailgating atmosphere, food and drinks, and the overall school spirit.

Here are the top 5 results:

1. Louisiana State University: This school has one of the most gourmet tailgating experiences ever, with alligators, pigs on the pit, boiled crawfish and gumbo. Yum!

2. Ole Miss: The University of Mississippi has school spirit that's hard to match up to and is known to have noteworthy post-game parties.

3. USC: Trojan fans are known to flood the campus and stadium early in the morning to start drinking, eating and partying before kickoff. 

4. North Dakota State University: This school has some interesting traditions, like "Where's Waldo?" During the game, you can play a real life version of "Where's Waldo?" by looking for a person who is dressed up like the popular character.

5. University of South Carolina (aka The Other USC): Bacon-wrapped hot dogs and apple-pie moonshine? Yes, please! These Gamecock fans know how to party and eat.

To read the full list of colleges, click here.