We've given Uber a little bit of a hard time in the past regarding their "creepy" drivers, but now it looks like we have to give them their rightfully deserved kudos.

LA Weekly reports that Los Angeles County has seen a decline in DUIs, and ride-sharing services such as Uber and Lyft could be the ones to thank.

This year, there was a 14 percent decrease in the number of DUI arrests compared to last year. From 2012-2013, there was actually a 10 percent increase.

Although it's impossible to give 100 percent of the credit to Uber or Lyft, we wouldn't be surprised if ride-sharing apps are the cause of this decrease. With these apps, it is now so easy to get a ride after you've been drinking to avoid a DUI. And how many times have you seen a bunch of black cars (Ubers) or Lyfts pulling up to a bar or club after last call to pick up a bunch of drunken patrons? Probably too many times to count.

NetChoice, which represents ride-share companies, told LA Weekly, "The data seem to support our expectation that Lyft and Uber reduce DUIs. But more important is the logical conclusion that we can reduce drink driving by giving young partiers transportation alternatives that are safe and require no computing of tips or counting of cash."

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