If you're a college student who enjoys playing Bungie's Destiny (a first-person shooter game), don't freak out when you hear this news: your college may be blocking it from its network (via GameSpot).

Wednesday morning, Bungie sent out the following tweet: "We're aware of issues with playing Destiny on college campuses. Stay tuned for information to share with your local network admins."

According to Game Espresso, the Centipede Error occurs when a college's network blocks access to Destiny’s online servers. There is a list of instructions you can follow to fix the problem; however, students are realizing that they don't have access or permission to change the college's network settings.

On Twitter, Destiny players have lashed out using the #FixCentipede hashtag.

"I wish I can play the game I payed 100$ for. #fixcentipede," posted one user. 

"Beyond pissed @Bungie this college internet problem better be fixable, I should've gotten #NHL15 instead. #fixcentipede," posted another. 

Polygon reports Bungie is working on resolving the issue.