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Oh, Tinder. Your feelings about this dating app probably alternate between love and hate, depending on how your last Tinder date or conversation went.

Sometimes, you score big while "Tindering:" you chat it up with a hot guy who takes you out on a real dinner-and-a-movie date, and then you two end up dating for a substantial period of time.

Other times, Tinder becomes a total nightmare, and you threaten to delete the app every other week, especially when you've been catfished or had to endure a date with a complete a**hole. In extreme cases, you seriously consider switching over to OkCupid.

Those who use Secret—a social platform that gives users a place to share their thoughts and feelings anonymously with friends (sort of like the Whisper app)—understand the Tinder dilemma.

They wrote some harsh, funny and undeniably accurate truths about using this ever-popular dating app.

Click through to get a good laugh, and check out Secret's website to browse through more confessions.