College students looking for news, updates and tips about their schools can always turn to online forums, the school newspaper and social media networks. One network you should really consider, however, is your school's Subreddit.

As NBC News pointed out in an article ("Social Networks Students Should Join (If They Haven't Already)"), Subreddit is a Reddit subsection that is devoted to your school and contains threads discussing topics that are important to students.

For example, the USC Subreddit has a thread where new and prospective students can ask questions about the school (i.e. "Do fraternities/sororities have a reputation for hazing?" and "Is it true USC can be a bit of a bubble, cut off from the rest of LA?"). There's also a thread about what it's like to be in the USC band, a USC bucket list and more.

UCLA students can find similar threads, questions and advice on their Subreddit as well, such as "The Redditors Ultimate Guide to UCLA," "What is the REAL cost of attendance?" and "Best private places to study on campus?"

So, if you're going to hold off from doing your homework by going on Reddit, you might as well check out your school's Subreddit every now and then.