College Students Can Join Online Study Groups, Tutoring with StudyRoom
(Credit: YouTube)

Tuesday afternoon, StudyRoom launched on TechCrunch's Disrupt stage. The company aims to attract students to online study rooms and form study groups. StudyRoom had been running trials at six universities, but it has now expanded to 100 U.S. schools.

Here's how it works: currently, students can sign up and find their class page. From there, they can share notes, ask questions, form study groups and more. Soon, the company will be releasing an online tutoring feature (it should be ready around mid-terms).

You might think you can easily do something like this on Facebook, BlackBoard or other e-learning platforms, but the unique thing about StudyRoom is that it's led entirely by students and has a peer-to-peer model.

CEO and co-founder Emerson Malca told TechCrunch the idea for the company came when he realized it's hard for students to connect with fellow classmates to form study groups or find tutors. "For us it was shocking to see that the most social, most connected generation ever couldn’t get in touch with the people they see everyday in class,” he said.

According to its website, more than 100,000 students have joined StudyRoom.

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