It’s Christmas Eve, and Charlie (John Cusack) and his partner Vic (Billy Bob Thornton) have swiped one hell of a Christmas bonus – to the tune of more than $2 million – from the pocket of a local mob boss. Problem is, they still need to get away with it, and it’s not really in a mob boss’ nature to make that easy.

Too dark even for the "dark comedy" tag, The Ice Harvest unravels its not-quite-festive story over the course of a single long night, but it’s not a straight shot: As is common on a holiday, Charlie’s life is picked and occasionally chewed apart. And that’s sort of a shame, because he’s the least interesting character in this play.

Thornton’s Vic is a sadistic riot, Mike Starr is a bad guy worth rooting for, and Charlie’s friend Pete (Oliver Platt) steals every scene he enters despite his secondary character status. But Harvest, while still a good film, isn’t really about any of them. And when they’re away, as they often are, you can feel the heat escaping. Connie Nielsen and Randy Quaid also star.

Extras: Director commentary, two alternate endings, three behind-the-scenes features, Thornton outtake.

Grade: B