Now, whoever said millennials these days never pick up a book and read—go put your foot in your mouth.

The Huffington Post reports a recent PewResearch study found that millennials are actually more likely than their older peers to read a book. If you want to see the numbers, here they are: 88 percent of Americans under 30 read a book last year. Meanwhile, only 79 percent of those 30 and older read a book.

Also, the study found milennials recognize that important information is not found on the Internet.

So, although this generation is full of technology, it looks like these younger readers value a good book more often than we thought.

Other interesting results from the study that have nothing to do with books:

-Milennials are more likely to attend sporting events or concerts than older adults.

-They are also more likely to listen to music, the radio, or a podcast in some format on a daily or near-daily basis, and socialize with friends or family daily.

-Adults 30 and over are more likely to visit museums or galleries, watch television or movies, or read the news on a daily basis.