We've heard of pot brownies, cookies, Goldfish and lollipops, but perhaps the ultimate marijuana edible is pot pizza.

LA Weekly reported earlier this week we might be seeing more marijuana-laced pizzas at dispensaries around Los Angeles.

Stoned Oven Gourmet Pizza supplies some dispensaries with its $10, 6-inch personal pies that contain 250 mg of ethanol-extracted THC concentrate. That pizzas come in different varieties, like "OG Pepperoni"  and "Very Margarita Jane."

But now, production has increased for the company, and some collectives are even cooking pot pizzas on site and selling them.

Venice Caregiver is one of the collectives that cooks the pizzas themselves, and according to LAist, Weedmart Collective in South L.A (perfect for all you USC Trojans!) sells Stoned Oven's medicated pizzas.

"You cannot taste one bit of marijuana in there. This pizza is really dangerous, because you can trick anyone!" Stone Oven's Henry Mark told LA Weekly.

Mark also gave his recommendation on how customers should eat his pot pizzas:

1. Eat a quarter of the pizza.

2. Drink water.

3. Wait 30 minutes.

4. And then decide if you should eat more.

If you're worried about gaining the "Freshman 15," we suggest you stay far, far away.