Could this Bracelet Really Help College Women Prevent Sexual Assaults?
(Credit: Vimeo)

Young women try to keep an eye on their friends during rowdy college parties, but sometimes, friends get separated. That's when the Vive bracelet would come in handy.

Students from the University of Washington may have a genius invention on their hands, especially for women who fear being sexually assaulted while at college parties. Total Sorority Move reports students came up with the idea of the Vive bracelet, which lets you connect with other Vive wearers via Bluetooth and smartphones.

Here's how it would work: Say you're at a party with your girlfriends, who are also wearing their Vive bracelets. Using sensors, the bracelets will monitor alcohol and dehydration levels throughout the night, and will vibrate occasionally to make sure you're conscious. You can squeeze it briefly to make it stop and let your friends know your in control. But if you don't squeeze it, your friends' bracelets will vibrate stronger, indicating something is wrong with you.

Thanks to GPS, the bracelets will help your friends locate you and remove you from a potentially dangerous situation.

According to Gizmag, the group of student creators won "Best Product Concept" at the Microsoft Research Faculty Summit Design Expo this summer.

GeekWire reports the bracelet is a  "non-working prototype," but one of the judges at the summit reportedly said, "That is not the Internet of things -- that is good design."

Sure, you might be a little skeptical about this product. But if they're able to make a nail polish that changes color when you've been exposed to date rape drugs, who says something like the Vive bracelet can't exist?

Check out the video above!