Looking for a great electronic dance music (EDM) scene at your college? Then we suggest you enroll at the University of Southern California!

THUMP, VICE's electronic music and culture channel, compiled a list of the best universities for EDM music, and USC topped the list at No. 1 (via EDMtunes.com).

By examining local club life, regional festivals, music schools' electronic production opportunities, on-campus activities and dance music courses, the publication was able to determine the top 10 schools. USC climbed to No. 1 because of its Los Angeles location, which gives students access to clubs such as Avalon and Sound, and music festivals such as Coachella and HARD. The university's Thornton School of Music, which offers an EDM-specific course, also received recognition.

What THUMP failed to mention, however, are all of the great EDM acts that have graced USC's on-campus festivals and concerts, including Wolfgang Gartner, The Cataracs and A-Trak.

Other colleges and universities that made the top 10 list are San Diego State University (2), NYU (3) and Penn State (10).

Read the full list on THUMP.