Between sips of his hot green tea, Dr. Jelly, the drummer for Orange County metal outfit the End of Silence goes on a rant.

"Everybody’s been told ‘You can’t do this or you’re just a fuckin’ loser," he spews. "We totally feed off of that. We’re gonna come out screaming, yelling and in your face."

Self described by adjectives like dirty, filthy and salacious, the quintet – filled out by vocalist Robert Chapman, bassist Amir and guitarists Matt K. and Kroll Vello – has been cranking out ear-splitting metal for the past three years since they formed out of an impromptu jam session. With the members in place, they needed a name and from there, Ringside was born.

"We used to be Ringside … Fred Durst fronts Flawless Records and he decided to pick up a band called Ringside which probably consists of his drunken buddies," Matt K. says of the band that is actually made up of former jack-of-all-trades Scott Thomas and actor Balthazar Getty. "We decided to give up the name and they’ve probably sold about two records. We’re the End of Silence now … and hopefully we’ll wake some people up while we’re playing."

The band sites influences ranging from Metallica to Lynyrd Skynyrd (Vello frequently strums "Sweet Home Alabama" during practice Matt K. says). Brand them hard rock, metal or even nu-metal, but one thing’s for sure – they’re not confining themselves to a label.

"In terms of [the rock industries’ current taste] we don’t fit in," Dr. Jelly says. "I almost think we’re more than one genre, and we just link it all together and it makes sense."

In the few short years the guys have been playing together, they’ve become a frequent attraction at the Whisky a Go Go, opening for acts like Buckcherry, (hed) p.e., Bad Acid Trip and the Dreaming.

"We’re really good at stealing other band’s fans. We might not bring a million people to the show but people seem to like us. I like playing in L.A. but it’s really competitive. It helped us out and tightened our playing but scene wise, I don’t think we’re really part of the scene," the guitarist admits, citing that the competitive nature of the L.A. music climate turns the band off.

Instead, the band has branched off into other areas of the world where they are accepted for just being themselves – loud, angry misfits with a penchant for great rock ‘n’ roll.

"It seems to be that in Europe, we have a pretty decent following. We’re on the radio and the people really like us," Matt K. says. "I think Europeans are more open to different types of music and are more acceptable to all types of music. In America it seems that there’s like one band and everybody wants to be like that one band. Then you have 10 bands that sound exactly alike."

Taking everything they’ve learned over the past few years, the members of the End of Silence recently finished their debut for Killer Puppy Records. Recorded at Adamos Recording in Westminster and currently being mixed in Malibu, the album features cuts like "Ego Song," "Walls" and a System-sounding-thrash-along called "Ride the Bullet."

"It was never intended to sound like System of a Down," Matt K. states. "Basically it’s just one song we have, we have a broad spectrum … but, I’m proud that people compare us to System because they’re a fuckin’ awesome band."

The record is slated to release on May 16, but the band urges fans to join them at Nikstock in Irvine on May 13 for the official release party. As for the future, plans are unclear, but a national tour opening for Sugar Ray and Goldfinger is the works with a European trek scheduled to follow.

The End of Silence will perform March 21 at the Whisky a Go Go, in West Hollywood. For more information, visit