Picture this: Kanye West is one of your instructors in college, where you're studying design apparel. He's lecturing you about leather jogging pants, you're diligently taking notes and mentally preparing yourself for a big presentation you'll have to do in front of him TOMORROW.

Couldn't imagine it? Yeah, neither could we. But that's the reality, as weird as it may sound.

West is teaching fashion to students at Los Angeles Trade Technical College as part of his community service (if you recall, West got in a wee bit of trouble after he attacked a photographer at LAX last July). And now, as Uproxx reports, photos of the notorious rapper-turned-teacher popped up on Instagram.

Okay, so we don't know if West is actually teaching students all about leather jogging pants (though it wouldn't surprise us), but we would love to be a fly on that wall in his class. He seems passionate and enthusiastic as a lecturer, but we're willing to bet 'Ye is probably a hard-ass when it comes to some things. For instance, I wouldn't dare log onto Facebook while he's talking unless I wanted to risk him throwing my laptop across the room. Just sayin.'

[h/t LAist]