Fast food is like a gift from God for many college students. It's easy to get on-the-go in between classes. It's better than dining hall food. It satisfies the hangover hunger (and marijuana munchies). And, it's cheap.

Of course, we all know that stuffing our faces with Big Macs and Doritos Locos Tacos will definitely add pounds and flab to our bodies, but did you know that fast food can actually make you less intelligent?

A Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry study showed that a Western diet (aka fast food) "is associated with diminished cognitive performance." In other words, it can slow down your mind.

According to the Daily News, the study saw that those who ate fast food, "deep fried potatoes, red and processed meat and soft drinks had negative associations that affected their reaction time, mental ability, visual attention, learning and memory." Furthermore, high intake of saturated fat and simple carbohydrates negatively affected participants' learning and memory.

On the flip side, those who ate healthy items such as leafy green vegetables and fruits had a positive cognitive performance.

But students, before you start freaking out about your fast food-dependent diet, please note this study was done on 14-year-olds with Western and "healthy" diet patterns. Researchers measured the teens' cognitive performance once they turned 17.

So, unless you're one of those freaky-smart geniuses who got into college at 14 or 15, we doubt your mental ability will be severely affected by those Animal Style fries you ate last night.

[h/t Elite Daily]